Taos Bee Flower is hand made body care for the whole family.

Taos Bee ingredients are perfectly engineered by bees and nature. We coax and craft our products with pure love and panache into our bio-degradable packaging, and buzz them off to your hive with a wiggle of joy.

Our Mission

To Bees

Treat bees with compassion, not chemicals

Beekeep in a biodynamic manner

Leave 50% of the honey to overwinter

Provide bees with organic forage

To Humans

Healing and hydrating skincare

Chemical-free skincare

Hand-crafted in small batches


To the Planet

Compostable or reusable containers

100% solar energy company

Recycle packing materials

Generate minimal waste

Use minimal plastic


Taos Bee Flower strives for sustainable, bee-friendly practices and packaging. We believe in a future where everyone can thrive.


Our hand made and packed products are beneficial to your body. Made with pure pollinator power, they are soothing, and soften the skin.


The more we know about Honeybee ecosystems, their relationship to our environment, and our food, the better we can assure their success.