Spring is here and the bees are abuzzing!

Happy Camper
Happy Camper


Happy Camper

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I love this soap! It removes the oil paint and moisturizes my hands! Kate/artist.


I love the balm. I use it every day for my whole body. Will buy again and again.


This shampoo bar is my favorite product! I love the way my hair feels, and the bar smells wonderful! Perfect for traveling with carry on bags.

The Happy Camper is for your base camp, it has all the compostable and waste free products that we need and love to stay semi fresh at camp, and leave no trace!

1 oz Zink Zink to protect you lips and skin from the sun and great outdoors.

1 oz Honeybee Balm to heal and hydrate any scrapes or sunburn.

It also includes a Scrubby soap to help you smell better and scrub away any rough edges.

And a Solid Shampoo for when your hair is glued to your head!

Happy Camping!

This bag has products worth $78, so it's a great deal for $65.


The Happy Camper was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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