Spring is here and the bees are abuzzing!

Propolis is bee medicine.

Propolis is a sticky, antioxidant rich substance with 300+ beneficial compounds. Made from plant and tree resins, bees use it to line their hive walls. There, it acts as an unstoppable barrier against foreign invaders and germs. That's why we like to call it 'the hive immune system'.  

If you’re a fan of our Propolis Toner you’re probably already aware of how amazing propolis is at soothing a scratchy throat and supporting immune health. (We don't leave home without it these days.) But did you know you can use propolis in other ways, too? Here are a handful of lesser known ways you can use our Propolis Toner Spray…


Propolis is perfect for when you accidentally grab a hot pan.

Minor kitchen burns are no match for propolis. Not only is propolis known for its soothing and germ-fighting properties, but it is also said to be powerfully regenerative. According to research, like this review published in BMC: Burns and Trauma, propolis has the ability to encourage and promote the skin’s regenerative process. So next time you burn your tongue on some hot soup, spritz on a little propolis on it for clean and natural support!   

It helps when you scrape your knee up, too.

For your average scraped up knee, propolis makes the perfect companion to the new box of biodegradable band aids in your first aid kit. Historically, ancient Greeks and Egyptians used propolis as a germ-fighter for wounds, long before modern products hit the market. By spraying propolis on a minor scrape or small cut, it can help keep it clean and promote recovery—much in the same way it does in the hive. Just pop a fun bandage on and you're good to go!         

It even supports a fresh & bright smile.

Good news if you struggle with halitosis. Studies have shown that propolis may be able to help fight oral germs that cause bad breath and cavities. Plus, it's not packed with the nasty artificial ingredients, dyes, or sugars that are found in many mouthwashes, mints, and gums. Time to get propolis fresh!    

Propolis has so many incredible uses. That's why we always keep Propolis Spray on hand—in our kitchens, on our bedside tables, and in our first-aid kits. Propolis can do wonders for supporting your health—inside and out.