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Our Swarm Box - Have One of Everything!
Our Swarm Box - Have One of Everything!

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Our Swarm Box - Have One of Everything!

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This moisturizer smells amazing and works like a charm!


Definitely my favorite product at Taos Bee!


I love the way this natural cleanser makes my skin tone so smooth,I feel as if I could go without makeup. It is antibacterial so no more breakouts. I really feel this is a company I want to support. Go bees!?


I love the balm. I use it every day for my whole body. Will buy again and again.


This is the perfect little sample bag! Everything is wonderful, after only a day use I can tell this is what my face and body was missing! Yayyy for bees!


Love,love,love this toner. It is wonderful on my skin, and it helps with my acne too! I also spray it in my mouth after brushing!

When you want everything in the shop, purchase our Swarm Box, available in small travel sizes and also large full sizes! We’ll send all the goodies from our hive to your home for you to have everything you need for a complete skin care regimen!  

Here’s a list of the awesome honey-based products in this delightful treasure:

Raw Honey Cleanser and Mask – For all skin types, this product can be used as a wash with an instant rinse or left on as a hydrating mask for up to 15 minutes!

Propolis Toner – A super rich natural antioxidant toner - spray on your face after cleansing and before the Propolis Facial Oil.

Propolis Facial OilUltra-nourishing, soothing and healing – it’s the special charm of propolis!

Honeybee Balm - A blend of all the best bee made ingredients in a solid serum that glides across your skin and lips to keep them all dewy and creamy soft!

Body Moisturizer – Blended with enriching coconut oil, this moisturizer seals in the hydration with raw beeswax!

Our Big Swarm includes all full sized products:

- 5 oz cleanser & mask - 4 oz toner - 2 oz facial oil - 1 oz balm and - 5 oz moisturizer

Our Small Swarm comes in a kraft box of travel sized products and includes:

- 1.5oz cleanser& mask - 1oz toner - .5 oz oil - .3 oz balm and - 1.5 oz moisturizer

Choose your favorite and enjoy the immense skin-enriching benefits of all our skincare products made with love from our bee hives to you!

On the fence about this Our Swarm Box - Have One of Everything!? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 21, 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review