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Taos Bee in the winter.

Hi honey's,

it's snowing outside and the temperature is hovering around 20 degrees, my bees are clustered in their hives in a tight ball of bees with the queen in the middle staying warm.

They have plenty of honey and pollen to last through the winter, I always leave 16 bars of honey in each hive for the reduced number of bees that will live through the winter and keep the queen alive. She is the most important bee in a hive, without her the bees cannot survive as they don't know what to do and have no purpose in life.

I am a skier from way back, and am celebrating Christmas with my family, so we go skiing, at Taos Mountain and backcountry too.  My Son, Noah, dropped by for a few days, my sister, Deirdre is here visiting from New Zealand, and my father Robbie,90, lives with me and my dogs, Ellie Mae and Ruby the hounds!

Have a buzzing New Year!