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Sun Shield Zinc Balm in Clear or Pink
Clear Sun Shield Zinc Balm
Closed Sun Shield Zinc Balm
Pink Sun Shield Zinc Balm

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Sun Shield Zinc Balm


Best of all worlds! Honey Bee Balm AND Zinc!

What it is: Honeybee Balm skin protectant with the added bonus of Zinc protection. Zinc Zinc is natural no-tint, any white on application easily rubs in to the face. or lips and Pink Zinc gives you just a kiss of pink with the same protection. Pick your size!

Why you need it: Everyone needs sun protection and this natural moisturizing balm is practically sheer on application.

The Sun Shield is an SPF 25 sunscreen. This zero waste sunscreen is made from the finest ingredients. Protect your skin from the sun without any harsh chemicals and keep plastic out of the environment.

This sunscreen contains no coral reef destroying chemicals that Hawaii has banned for destroying marine eco-systems. We use zinc oxide which the Environmental Working Group lists as one of the most eco-friendly options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review