Sun Shield Zinc Balm

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Sun Shield  Pink Zink Honeybee Balm

Provides a Sun Shield for your lips and a slight pink tint.


Lip Balm .3 oz


Ingredients: Organic Sunflower seed oil, Taos Bee beeswax, non-nano zinc oxide, organic rose clay, Taos Bee organic propolis tincture, Vitamin E.




What it is: Honeybee Balm skin protectant with the added bonus of Zinc protection. Zinc Zinc is natural no-tint, any white on application easily rubs in to the face. or lips and Pink Zinc gives you just a kiss of pink with the same protection. Pick your size!

Why you need it: Everyone needs sun protection and this natural moisturizing balm is practically sheer on application.

The Sun Shield is an  SPF 25 sunscreen. This zero waste sunscreen is made from the finest ingredients. Protect your skin from the sun without any harsh chemicals and plastic out of the environment.

This sunscreen contains no coral reef destroying chemicals that Hawaii has banned for destroying marine eco-systems. We use zinc oxide which the Environmental Working Group lists as one of the most eco-friendly options.

5 reviews for Sun Shield Zinc Balm

  1. megan

    We LOVE Pink Zinc!!!! We love the name, we love the ingredients, I love that I can have some in my bag to use easily when we need some sun protection, we love the color, and I love that my kids love it so they actually use it!!

  2. Rachel

    Pink Zinc is my absolute favorite lip balm. I use it multiple times a day every day. It feels wonderful on my lips and the color is perfect – just a slight pink hue. I LOVE this product.

  3. Aspen

    I love this product! I always carry this (durable, simple and practical) honeybee balm with me at all times! Love the slight pink tint and shiny finish it leaves on my lips. So yummy!

  4. Nina

    Best of all worlds! Honey Beebalm AND Zinc! We have it in our pockets on the ski slopes and on the beach! Best stuff ever!

  5. Deirdre

    This is my go to lip balm, always in my pocket!
    It even went through the washer and dryer and does look worse for wear, but it didn’t come apart and ruin my clothes!
    I love this lip balm!!!

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