Honeybee Balm

This is the bomb!
A blend of all the best bee made ingredients! Honey, Beeswax, Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly!
Healing for all skin types, seals in moisture while not clogging pores.
Use it like a moisturizer….think of it as a serum!




Honeybee Balm is an all-in-one healing balm that soothes, protects and hydrates skin. It is 100% pure and organic. Basically it’s skin food. It’s Super Skin food!

Use it on your face and lips as a moisturizer and protection, it goes on smooth and clear.

Honeybee Balm contains these superfoods : Honey which is antimicrobial, Beeswax protects your skin, Propolis heals, balances and restores and is antioxidant, Royal Jelly is anti-aging, Pollen aids in reducing wrinkles and increases firmness, Sunflower seed oil helps skin retain moisture.



  • organic sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus)
  • Taos Bee raw beeswax (cera alba)
  • Taos Bee raw honey
  • Taos Bee organic propolis tincture (1% organic alcohol)
  • organic pollen
  • organic Royal Jelly
  • All ingredients are chemical free

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8 reviews for Honeybee Balm

  1. Jeannie

    I love the balm and just ordered your body moisturizer! I have raved about your balm to all my friends and clients, who now want it.

  2. admin

    I recently picked up some of your Honeybee Balm to try on my baby’s scalp.
    She has had Cradle Cap now for about two months and every time I think it is going away it comes back. The skin on her poor head was really dry and flaky – I was already using conditioning soap and coconut oil and was getting better but not going away. We have been using the Balm now for a week and after her bath last night it is almost all gone!!

  3. Belinda Glenn

    I love this lip balm! I have dry chapped lips & this is so soothing the only thing that I’ve found to help my lips go back to being smooth so I can actually wear lipstick without it flaking off. Thanks ?

  4. Zheling Feng

    I love the balm. I use it every day for my whole body. Will buy again and again.

  5. Hannah

    Best lip balm I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.

  6. megan

    Honeybee balm was our go-to handsaver all winter!!! Both my daughter and I are very prone to ridiculously dry hands, but this balm matched the task and then some! I love finding products that work and that I can have my kids use with gusto because the ingredients are all SO good!! 5 stars +++!!

  7. Nina

    After finding this, we can’t use anything else on our lips!!! Everyone in my family absolutely loves this healing and wonderful product! My son calls it Knuckle Butter as he used it through the dry winter on his cracked skin. It works like magic!

  8. Deirdre

    OMG! This is wonderful Balm! I use it on my face 2x a day and my skin feels so protected and soft, actually I put it on all my skin, plus my kids love it too! No extra junk in this balm only the good stuff.

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Honeybee Balm  What it is: Handmade with Royal Jelly, raw beeswax, raw honey, pollen and propolis, this balm will soothe, heal and hydrate lips, face and body. Why you need it: Honeybee balm is made to seal moisture in and protect from external exposure, while not clogging the pores. It slides on smoothly and smells like honey.  
  • On the skin, raw honey is a powerhouse, rich in enzymes and nutrients, capable of deep, anti-inflammatory moisturization. It’s shown to balance skin pH and fight off signs of premature aging, like wrinkles.
  • Royal jelly drastically increases the moisture content of the skin, increases collagen production, and actually promotes the regeneration of skin cells!
  • Bee pollen moisturizes and tightens pores and promotes stronger connective tissue.
  • Propolis is great for locking in the skin’s moisture and fighting acne-causing bacteria naturally. It can also help with scrapes, minor burns, and pesky cold sores.
  • Each tube is hand stamped and fully compostable.
  •   Taos Bee Skin System 
  • Cleanse - raw honey cleanser & mask                  
  • Tone -           propolis toner
  • Nourish -      propolis facial oil
  • Protect -       honeybee balm
  • Moisturize - body moisturizer