A sample size quartet of our most-popular skin care products.



Bee-centric skin care!
Raw Honey Cleanser and Mask
This is great for cleansing every type of skin. It’s honey!
Wet your hands and smear a small amount all over your face,
rinse, or leave on for 10-15 mins as a very hydrating mask.
Propolis Toner
Super antioxidant packed toner
Spray it on your face after cleansing and before the balm.
Honeybee Balm
This is the bomb!
A blend of all the best bee made ingredients! Honey, Beeswax, Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly!
Healing for all skin types, seals in moisture while not clogging pores.
Use it like a moisturizer….think of it as a serum!
Body Moisturizer
Smells like coconuts and seals in the moisture with raw beeswax!

Honeybee soap smells yummy!


2 reviews for Swarm

  1. Krystal Candler

    This is the perfect little sample bag! Everything is wonderful, after only a day use I can tell this is what my face and body was missing! Yayyy for bees!

  2. Deirdre

    Simple gift bag with everything you need to try from this bee friendly company! Love all the products! Need the larger sizes now!

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The Swarm is a gift bag from the Hive! What is it: In a small organza bag is all the good stuff in sampler sizes, 1.5oz Raw Honey Cleanser & Mask, 1.0oz Propolis Toner, 0.3oz Honeybee Balm, 1.5oz Body Moisturizer and instructions so you can fully enjoy these goodies! Why you need it: to try every product of course! And it's great pick for your vacation personal care! Gifts! Your sister who loves only organic and natural skin care!     Taos Bee Skin System    
  • Cleanse - raw honey cleanser & mask                  
  • Tone -           propolis toner
  • Nourish -      propolis facial oil
  • Protect -       honeybee balm
  • Moisturize - body moisturizer