Bee Wonderful Box

This Taos Bee sampler kit is spa-day in a box – our pure, soothing and natural ingredients are perfect to help you let go of stress and toxins for a relaxed and happy buzz.



Inside the Bee-Wonderful Box:

Run a bath, and add skin-soothing, purifying Himalayan Pink Salt.

Light the beeswax candle, dim the lights. Relax and soak.

Our signature Honeybee Soap will wash away your worry and protect your skin, and our coconut moisturizer seals in the softness.

1 review for Bee Wonderful Box

  1. Deirdre

    Best gift idea. I got this for my sister in law and she really loved it, so I got it for my girlfriends too! They raved about it too!

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What it is: a relaxing gift!
Why you need it:  if you love someone, leave them alone! There is nothing more rejuvenating than time off – to relax, and let go of the day. Our sampler package Bee Wonderful Box is the perfect gift for someone who does it all and denies themselves a break. They deserve peace, and simple-to-use bath treats.